Chromatography Gels - Spherical Shape


ZEOsphere ultra-high-purity silica gels are designed to meet current and future demands in high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and continuous chromatography applications from analytical to process scale. Unique qualities of this high-performance spherical silica are:

  • High surface area
  • Mechanical strength
  • Chemical purity and stability
  • Optimized surface properties
  • Well-defined pore structure

Strict quality controls from raw material to finished product ensure excellent batch reproducibility and tightly controlled specifications. All products are available in various pore and particle sizes and are manufactured according to the ISO-9001 quality standard.

ZEOsphere HPLC silica consists of perfectly spherical, rigorous porous particles produced in various pore and particle sizes; custom tailored products are possible. The narrow particle size distribution ensures high performance, low-pressure drop and the best overall efficiency. It is manufactured using the well-known sol-gel technique, which gives optimized chemical and mechanical stability, pore structure and phase reproducibility. ZEOsphere silicas are available in different quantities with a wide variety of packing sizes to meet individual applications and economic requirements.