Phase Analytical Technology LLC

ACME silica is based on a new 120 Å ultra-high purity (99.999%) extra-treated porous spherical silica with a narrow particle size distribution and an extremely low metal content (< 10 ppm) to minimize silanol acidity and reduce surface metal sites available for chelation. Our ACME PLUS and PAH silica is based on a new 200 Å version of the same silica. ACME silica is manufactured in a GMP environment under the most rigorously controlled conditions, ensuring lot-to-lot reproducibility, consistent particle size, pore volume and chemical purity. Combined with our proprietary bonding technology this results in columns with optimal efficiency, asymmetry, and minimal back pressure. ACME is available in several bonded phases covering a wide range of reversed-phase applications.

• Available in several particle sizes for simple method transfer between HPLC and UHPLC

• Ultrapure porous silica particles enable high peak efficiency across all particle sizes

• Excellent column-to-column reproducibility

• Compatible with HPLC and UHPLC hardware

• Consistent and reproducible retention times to allow direct scale-up from the laboratory through process      applications