Benson Polymeric HPLC Columns

Beginning in 1976, as Benson Company, then Benson Polymeric, Inc. in 1986, we have provided premium column packing materials and pre-packed columns to the major chromatography equipment manufacturers.  The primary objective of our company is to provide the highest quality products and technical services to our customers.

As one of the few companies that manufactures its own resins, Benson Polymeric optimizes quality control in resin and column production providing you with greater confidence in the results obtained at the bench level. Benson Polymeric produces and markets superior packing materials characterized by batch to batch reproducibility. All of our columns are tested to ensure they meet the quality and consistency required by our customers. In addition, our company offers a technical service program unique to the industry based on the knowledge and expertise of one of the industry’s original pioneers.

HPLC is currently the most important chromatographic method for analyzing carbohydrates, alcohols and organic acids. This technique is easy to use, yet capable of rapid, specific, sensitive and precise measurements. We understand that choosing a column for HPLC analysis can be a difficult decision based on your unique sample. Therefore we take the steps necessary to guarantee a column will meet your specific needs. Our company offers several types of polymeric based columns for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids, and alcohols