Vials , Caps & Inserts

At Chrom4 we are known for our world class products. Our Sample Handling line is one of the most extensive lines available in the chromatography industry.
We have top notch quality suppliers for vials, caps and inserts. Our vials are produced under the most stringent conditions with highly sophisticated production technology out of 1st hydrolytic class glass.
Only Schott glass is used as raw material, which results in an outstanding product.

Quality control and inspection Opto-electronic
(photo camera) devices on the glass machines measure within fractions of a second, whether the vial meets our specifications. A second photo camera inspection checks for cosmetic errors (cracks, chips) in the glass. Length gauging equipment measures dimensional specifications in addition to the camera inspection. When a vial is not according to specification, it automatically goes to waste.
The vials are packed in a cleanroom, therefore avoiding any chance of contamination.
A manual random inspection and a final inspection to ISO and other quality standards assure you of a great, problem free and reliable product.


Autosampler Vials & Inserts Selection: