Flash chromatography

Santai Technologies is a customer and technology-driven company founded in 2004 and focused on developing separation and purification tools and services for professionals and scientists in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemicals, natural products and petrochemical industries.


Product Advantages

SepaFlash™ columns are excellent alternatives to other flash columns available on the market as they offer the following advantages:


• Low fines; Neutral pH; 100% guaranteed leak-free

• Clean, pre-packed, pharmaceutical-grade polypropylene cartridges

• Made with ultra-pure silica gel (we can pack your own source)

• Tight particle-size distribution to avoid leaching and/or channelling, no tailing

• Water activity and controlled water content for silica

• Innovative and semi-automated packing technology

• Five series available(Standar Series, E series, HP Series, Bonded Series and iLOK Series)

• " lot-to-lot " reproducibility since 2004


100% COMPATIBILITY with other instruments:


• Teledyne Isco (CombiFlash™ : Rf, Companion™, RETRIEVE™, OptiX™)

• Biotage (IsoleraTM, SP, Flash, FlashMaster II)

• Analogix (Varian) (IntelliFlash 310 and 280, SimpliFlash, F12/40)

• Interchim (puriFlashTM 430evo)

• Grace (Reveleris™ System)

• Armen (Spot Flash System)

• Moritex (Purif-?2, Purif-compact)

• Yamazen (Smart Flash EPCLC W-Prep 2XY)

• BUCHI (Sepacore™)